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Parenting interventions - Optima
Parenting interventions

Parenting interventions

If you have recently been referred to a service for support regarding your child’s behaviour, it may have been suggested you attend some form of parent training. This can often be the first point of intervention for those seeking specialist support for their child(ren), especially as many face long waiting times for a full clinical assessment.

Parent training is evidence-based, which means that research showed it was effective in supporting parents in reducing unwanted behaviour. Parent training is also recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), as soon as possible after specialist help has been sought.

Some parent training takes place face-to-face, such as the New Forest Parenting Program (NFPP).  The NFPP team found that their parenting support program reduced challenging behaviour and symptoms of ADHD and enhanced positive parenting skills. The STEPS app has been inspired by the NFPP.

For some parents, the flexibility of being able to get parenting support digitally means a better chance of engaging with the programme. Our STEPS app has been designed to provide parenting support whenever you want, wherever you are. STEPS contains bite-sized parenting advice, new skills to try out with your child and to provide that extra support when you really need it. On your STEPS journey, you will be guided by a virtual buddy to receive helpful hints along the way.

STEPS is an innovative way to reach and support parents to give them extra tools and support during the time when they are waiting to access specialist help.